Flexible and durable, realistic stone texture
Soft porcelain is an innovative decorative building material made from flexible ceramic materials. Widely used in interior decoration, it infuses natural beauty and modern style into wall surfaces. Inspired by the success of PU stone wall panels, soft porcelain has gained popularity for its highly realistic appearance and diverse design options. Soft porcelain is crafted from a blend of high-quality materials, including synthetic stone composed of quartz sand, modified clay, and nano emulsion. This unique combination enhances its flexibility, durability, and realistic stone-like texture. Flexible and Bendable: Soft porcelain, crafted from flexible ceramic materials, boasts excellent flexibility, making it suitable for decorating curved surfaces and adding a unique three-dimensional touch to interior spaces. Highly Realistic: Through meticulous design, soft porcelain achieves a surface texture and color highly reminiscent of real stone, providing walls with a natural and authentic appearance. Environmentally Friendly and Low Carbon: As a green building material, soft porcelain prioritizes environmental friendliness, utilizing environmentally friendly and low-carbon ceramic materials that comply with national environmental standards, creating a healthy living environment.
Diverse Specifications: Soft porcelain comes in various specifications, including 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm, catering to different interior design needs. Rich Color Selection: Soft porcelain offers a wide range of colors such as white, off-white, beige, light gray, dark gray, black, and also supports custom colors, meeting personalized decorative requirements. Safe and Lightweight: Soft porcelain is known for its safety and lightweight characteristics, facilitating easy transportation and installation, streamlining the decoration process. Fireproof and Flame Retardant: Treated for fire resistance, soft porcelain exhibits excellent fireproof and flame-retardant properties, enhancing the safety of interior spaces. Durable: With superior ceramic material performance, soft porcelain ensures a long lifespan, maintaining the aesthetic and functional aspects of walls over time. Soft porcelain is suitable for various applications, including storefronts, residential villas, commercial spaces, industrial park construction, schools, hospitals, hotels, municipal projects, and more. It injects unique decorative elements into spaces, showcasing the modern architecture's sophistication and taste.
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    Frequently asked questions about soft porcelain

    • What is Soft Porcelain made of?

      Soft Porcelain is composed of synthetic stone, a blend of quartz sand, modified clay, and nano emulsion. This unique combination enhances its flexibility, durability, and realistic stone-like texture.

    • What are the advantages of Soft Porcelain?

      Soft Porcelain offers high flexibility, realistic appearance, ease of installation, and durability. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor decorative applications, adding a natural and rustic stone style to walls.

    • In which scenarios is Soft Porcelain suitable?

      Soft Porcelain is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor decorative applications, including residential homes, commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, landscape design, and outdoor wall decorations.

    • How difficult is the installation of Soft Porcelain?

      Soft Porcelain installation is relatively simple, often using adhesive or fixation methods. It does not require specialized tools or technical expertise, making it suitable for DIY installation.

    • Can Soft Porcelain be used for outdoor wall decoration?

      Yes, Soft Porcelain has good weather resistance and waterproof performance, making it suitable for outdoor wall decoration. It enhances the aesthetics and three-dimensional aspect of the architecture.

    • Does Soft Porcelain require maintenance?

      Soft Porcelain/flexible ceramic sheet generally does not require specific maintenance. Regular cleaning is usually sufficient to maintain its appearance. It is advisable to avoid using hard objects that may scratch the surface to prevent damage to the texture.

    • Is Soft Porcelain environmentally friendly?

      High-quality Soft Porcelain is typically manufactured using environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, meeting national environmental standards. It is safe and reliable, posing no risk to indoor air quality.

    • What is the lifespan of Soft Porcelain?

      The lifespan of Soft Porcelain/flexible ceramic sheet depends on various factors, including installation environment, usage conditions, and regular maintenance. Under appropriate conditions, Soft Porcelain can maintain its aesthetic and functional features for many years.

    • How is the pricing of Soft Porcelain determined?

      The price of Soft Porcelain/flexible ceramic sheet varies based on factors such as brand, style, and specifications. Generally, high-quality Soft Porcelain with high realism tends to have a relatively higher price but is usually within an acceptable range.

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