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As a leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality PS Wall Panels and PS Skirting Boards, Cordially invites you to visit our booth at the upcoming 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair). This event presents a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our latest products and innovative solutions, and we are eager to share them with you.

Exhibition Details:
Date: 23th-27th, April, 2024
Location: No.308 yuejiang zhong road,haizhu district
guangzhou 510335,china
Booth Number: BLOCK B, 12.2 K07
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Provides optimal acoustics and aesthetics
Acoustic slat wood panels reduce sound reflections by absorbing the energy of sound waves. When sound strikes the surface of an acoustic panel, its material absorbs the sound waves, converting them into trace amounts of heat energy or mechanical vibrations, rather than reflecting them back into the room. This helps reduce reverberation and noise in the room, improving sound clarity and intelligibility. Acoustic slat wood panels are available in a variety of materials, including but not limited to foam, fabric, fiberglass or foam. These materials all have different sound-absorbing properties and can be selected according to needs. The surface of the panels can come in a variety of textures, shapes and colors to suit decorative needs and can often be easily installed on walls, ceilings or other surfaces.
Acoustic slat wood panel advantages
Acoustic slat wood panels are an important acoustic treatment tool that create a better sound environment for various places by controlling sound reflections and echoes. They are designed and applied in a variety of ways and can be customized to specific needs to provide optimal acoustics and aesthetics.
  • Application
    Acoustic panels are used in a wide variety of locations, including audio recording studios, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, conference rooms, offices and home media rooms. These places often need to control sound reflections and echoes to ensure a good sound environment for better enjoyment of music, movies or effective meetings and communications.
  • Effects and advantages
    By using sound-absorbing panels, resonance and reverberation in the room can be effectively reduced, and the audibility and intelligibility of sound can be improved. This not only improves the listening experience, but also helps improve work efficiency and communication quality.
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We provide quality and reliable acoustic slat wood panels
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Jiangxi Rongke new building materials Co., Ltd. is located on the 1st floor,building 11, standard workshop, Xiangjiang science and Technology Park, Xiangjiang Avenue, Ganzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.

Our factory specializes in supply Custom decorative acoustic slat wood wall panels,Custom PS wall panel,Custom PS skirting, Custom UV/PU wall panelfor interior/exterior decoration. Since it'establishment,our products and service have won unanimous the world.

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Frequently asked questions about acoustic slat wooden panel

  • What are acoustic panels?

    Sound-absorbing panels are devices used to control and reduce indoor sound reflections and echoes, and improve the quality of the sound environment by absorbing sound waves.

  • What is the function of sound-absorbing panels?

    The function of sound-absorbing panels is to reduce sound reflection, reduce reverberation and noise in the room, thereby improving the clarity and quality of sound.

  • Where are sound-absorbing panels suitable for?

    Sound-absorbing panels are suitable for audio recording studios, concert halls, theaters, cinemas, conference rooms, offices, schools, home media rooms and other places.

  • What are the material and design options for acoustic panels?

    The materials of sound-absorbing panels include foam, fabric, fiberglass or foam plastic, etc. The design can choose different shapes, sizes and colors according to needs.

  • How to install sound-absorbing panels?

    Sound-absorbing panels can be installed on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces by pasting, fixing, or hanging. The specific installation method varies according to the type and design of the sound-absorbing panels.

  • How do acoustic panels help improve the sound environment?

    Sound-absorbing panels can absorb sound wave energy, reduce echo and resonance in the room, improve sound clarity, and make the listening experience better.

  • Will acoustic panels completely eliminate noise?

    Acoustic panels can significantly reduce sound reflections and echoes, but they do not completely eliminate noise. They can improve the sound environment, but other measures may be needed to completely resolve the noise problem.

  • How beautiful are the sound-absorbing panels?

    The designs of sound-absorbing panels are diverse, and the color, shape and texture can be selected according to needs to meet decorative needs while improving the acoustic effect.

  • Will acoustic panels affect the appearance of the room?

    Sound-absorbing panels have various designs, and you can choose colors and appearances that match the interior decoration style, so they can provide good acoustic effects and indoor aesthetics at the same time.

  • Can sound-absorbing panels reduce indoor resonance?

    Yes, sound-absorbing panels can absorb sound wave energy, reduce resonance and oscillation in the room, and improve the clarity and quality of sound.

  • Do sound-absorbing panels need to be cleaned frequently?

    The frequency of cleaning depends on the location of the sound-absorbing panels and the environment in which they are used. Generally speaking, regular dusting can maintain the effectiveness of sound-absorbing panels.

  • Are acoustic panels suitable for home use?

    Yes, sound-absorbing panels can be used in home environments such as home media rooms, music rooms or studios to improve the sound environment and enhance the home entertainment experience.

  • Can sound-absorbing panels be installed by myself?

    Yes, many acoustic panels are designed to be easy to install and can be installed yourself according to the instructions provided. However, installation by professionals may be required in some cases.

  • Do acoustic panels negatively impact sound?

    Sound-absorbing panels are designed to absorb unnecessary echoes and noise, without negatively affecting normal sound, but rather improving the quality of the sound.

  • Can sound-absorbing panels improve the sound of video calls?

    Yes, using sound-absorbing panels can improve the sound quality during video calls by reducing noise and echo, making conversations clearer.

  • Are acoustic panels durable?

    Acoustic panels generally have good durability, but their durability may vary depending on materials and build quality.

  • Why choose china Custom acoustic panel supplier?

    Choosing a Chinese custom acoustic panel supplier offers cost-effectiveness, diverse design options, and access to advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring quality soundproofing solutions tailored to specific needs.

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