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UV marble slate is a artificial marble slab made of UV printing technology. Its appearance and texture are similar to natural marble, but compared to traditional marble slate, UV marble slate has more advantages and characteristics. High simulation: UV marble slate adopts advanced UV printing technology, which can accurately print the texture, color and texture of natural marble on the artificial board to achieve a very high degree of simulation. Light quality and easy to install: Compared with natural marble, UV marble slabs are lighter, easy to handle and install, reduce the workload and cost of construction, and are suitable for various walls and ground decoration.
Abrasion resistance and corrosion: The surface of the UV marble slab is specially treated. It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to be damaged by daily use and environmental factors, and maintains long -term beauty.
Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the UV marble slab is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to deposit dirt. It is very convenient to clean. Generally, you only need to wipe it with water. There is no special cleaning agent and maintenance tool.
Environmental protection and health: High -quality UV marble slate is made of environmentally friendly and non -toxic materials. It does not contain harmful substances. It meets national environmental protection standards, is safe and reliable, and does not cause harm to human health.
UV marble sheet is widely used in indoor decoration projects, including family housing, commercial space, public buildings, etc. It is used for decorations of walls, ground, countertops, etc., adding luxury and high-end atmosphere to space.
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    Frequently asked questions about uv marble sheet

    • What is made of UV marble wall board?

      UV marble wall boards are printed on a marble texture and pattern on special substrates with UV printing technology. Usually the substrate is PVC or other composite materials to achieve the effect of simulation marble.

    • What are the advantages of Uv pvc marble sheet?

      Uv pvc marble sheet have the advantages of high simulation, wear resistance and corrosion, easy installation, easy cleaning and maintenance, and at the same time, compared to natural marble, the price is more economical.

    • What scenarios are suitable for UV marble wall boards?

      UV marble wall boards are suitable for various interior decoration scenarios such as home houses, commercial spaces, and public buildings, including walls, ground, counters and other decorations.

    • What is the difficulty of installing the Uv pvc marble sheet?

      The installation of UV marble wall plates is relatively simple. Generally, it is installed with a glue or hooking. It does not require professional construction tools and technologies, which is suitable for DIY installation.

    • Do UV marble wall boards need to be maintained?

      The surface of the UV marble wall plate is smooth and smooth, easy to clean and maintain. Usually, you only need to wipe it with water. There is no special cleaner and maintenance tool.

    • Is Uv pvc marble sheet environmentally friendly?

      High -quality UV marble wall boards are usually manufactured with environmentally friendly and non -toxic materials, which meet national environmental protection standards. It is safe and reliable and will not cause harm to human health.

    • How long is the life of Uv pvc marble sheet?

      The life of Uv pvc marble sheet depends on multiple factors, including installation environment, use conditions, and daily maintenance. Under appropriate conditions, UV marble wall boards can be used for many years without losing their aesthetics and functions.

    • What is the price of Uv pvc marble sheet?

      Uv pvc marble sheet price varies from factors such as brands, styles, specifications. Generally speaking, the price of high simulation and high -quality UV marble wall boards is relatively high, but it is usually within the acceptable range.

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