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Lightweight: Since polystyrene is a lightweight material, baseboards are usually very lightweight, which makes installation easier. Easy to install: Polystyrene baseboards are generally very easy to cut and install. They are usually fixed to the wall using glue or nails, and the installation process is relatively simple. Durability: Polystyrene baseboards are generally durable enough to withstand a certain level of daily use and wear and tear. Easy maintenance: Due to its smooth surface, polystyrene baseboards are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Low cost: Polystyrene skirting is generally more affordable than other materials, such as wood or metal, making it the first choice for many people. Decorative effect: Polystyrene baseboards usually come in various decorative patterns and designs that can add to the beauty of the room and coordinate with the decorative style of the walls and floors.
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    Frequently asked questions about ps skirting

    • What material are polystyrene baseboards made of?

      Polystyrene baseboards are made from polystyrene (EPS) material, a lightweight, strong and durable foam plastic material.

    • What are the advantages of polystyrene skirting?

      Polystyrene baseboards are lightweight, easy to install, durable, simple to maintain, and low cost.

    • Are polystyrene baseboards environmentally friendly?

      Polystyrene baseboards are generally environmentally friendly because they are recyclable and the waste produced during the manufacturing process can be reused or recycled.

    • Are polystyrene baseboards available in a variety of colors and designs?

      Yes, polystyrene baseboards are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be customized according to different decoration styles and needs.

    • How to install polystyrene baseboards?

      Installing polystyrene baseboards usually involves measuring the length of the wall corner and then using glue or nails to secure the baseboards to the wall. The specific installation steps will vary slightly depending on the product and the specific situation.

    • How to clean polystyrene baseboards?

      Polystyrene baseboards can usually be cleaned by gently wiping them with a damp cloth or using a mild detergent. Avoid using cleaners that are too strong to avoid damaging the baseboard surface.

    • Can polystyrene skirting board be used in wet environments?

      Although polystyrene skirting itself is not resistant to water, it can also be used in some dry wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc., but direct contact with water needs to be avoided.

    • How to repair damaged polystyrene baseboards?

      Damaged polystyrene baseboards can be repaired with repair glue or repair glue, or filled and repaired using appropriate patching materials.

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